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Published on 5 months ago

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President Trump diverts billions of dollars from the military to fund his border wall, and an amusement park ride in Germany is shut down after parkgoers noted it resembled a swastika.

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Kevin May 1 week ago

Buddhists be like: haha the swastika we don't have symbol lying around ha ha

Lanny Yeomans 1 week ago

i voted for mr trump well lets talk about the wall it is to keep trouble making assholes like you out go back to congo land jerk

Steffen Schuchardt 2 weeks ago

Through how many hands went the planes for that attraction and none of those Gummiköppe realized it that there is something wrong?

Bladerxdxi 1 month ago

Why do they think germans don't have fun?

RockSlide 4 months ago

Taking money away from the military? This is such a blind and ignorant statement. Please, keep up on the news. That wall "military" money was an extra budget amount added to the normal military budget amount. Nothing was "taken" away.
When the military budget was planned and passed, Trump got that extra small amount added at the last minute. That extra money bump was intended from the beginning to be used for wall funding. This is exactly how D.Trump got this wall money passed the Dems who did not catch on during budget considerations. Trump is hardly a dumb person. He’s far better at long range strategy than many people realize. Too many people plan only for tomorrow while Trump is planning for next year. Go back and study his successful business methods.

ferdbugs 4 months ago

Its sad how u have to close down things for people's feelings like that. It wasnt anything related to a Nazi. Theres a limit to accommodating people's shit

Windows 8.1 4 months ago

1:14 genius 1000

F T 5 months ago

Well, to be fair: The ride was built by an Italian company

xeon22 5 months ago

I thought one of the republican's iron-clad tenets of their platform was: A strong military? Well, looks like the hypocrite party shows their true hand again when it comes to priorities. I guess the NRA and the politics of fear-and-divide are their winning formula.

Subsystem Failure 5 months ago

Welcome to Germany We are so politically correct, that we'de be loved to killed by people who think, they bring "democracy".

Matthew Coke 5 months ago

I wouldn't worry about that princess anyway

She was beautiful and popular in what, the 80s?

I'm sure she's a frigid old hag by now

Not that I mind frigid

YS Entertainment 5 months ago

Foreigners are being slaughtered by south Africans and you keep quiet, but you think you have that right to talk about how Americans run their country? Get the fuck outta here you fuckin hypocrite.

Steve Lamberts 5 months ago

People in Germany are paranoid. They panicked when a hobby drone shot a photo of some offices and they resemble a swastika from on top. So what? Get over it.

hrxbex 5 months ago

Im like literally living there ahahha

Maria Pavia 5 months ago

Shakespear's still rocking <3