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Published on 1 week ago

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Steven reacts to the left's outrage over Dave Chappelle's new Netflix Special, "Sticks and Stones".

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StevenCrowder 1 week ago

What do you think the end result of cancel culture will be? Will everyone end up silenced, or do we think things will swing back the other way as more liberals like Chappelle get tired of the censorship?

Sol V 3 hours ago

LGBTQ are not right in their heads

Horacio Salas 14 hours ago

StevenCrowder Bro I’m so sick of the censorship even with my girl. Dave Chappelle woke me up and I’m like what the fuck is going on I hate all of this. She tells me not to say or do things so like censorship I’m sick of it. What I have been doing is every time she ask me for a favor I ask for a blow job or no favor. Got off topic anyways fuck YouTube for censoring your shit can believe they bleeped out bitch or you get nothing, what faggotty cunts. You should get a blow job for every bleep give and take you take my freedom at least give a blow job.

Jwda thefax 2 days ago

Eddy Jones I don’t see how you’re ever able to watch any comment comedy at all if that’s what you think

Jwda thefax 2 days ago

Celeste Marcotte —Like the president? 😂😂😂😂 there’s some snowflake righty’s right here in this comment section. One of them actually complained that Dave told blacks to arm themselves. Smh

Jwda thefax 2 days ago

Zachariah 😂😂😂😂 You’re exactly who Dave is talking about. Of course you liked what you agreed with, no surprise there. How many jokes about retarded people who think that a comedian is supposed to cater to them do you need to hear before you get it? No one gives a shit about your sensitive ass feelings. You might as well be standing on the same side as the lgbt.

beautifully brutal beautifully brutal 2 days ago

The end result is the less famous conservative entertainers are being decimated. SJWs are getting gigs canceled by bands like Remedial Dissidents and Flea Market Hookers.

kelly Ziregbe 2 days ago

Learnt something new today....did not know Dave is a Muslim lol He still funny asf. I've watched that special at least 5 times

kris iyengar 3 days ago

Hahahha yeah right! AM sure there are about 6 Billion people who dont even know all this exists when they know it they will reply with STFU!
Laugh at yourself or fuck off!

Honest Person 3 days ago

StevenCrowder The Left are so delusional that they believe society was built for them!

Jwda thefax 3 days ago

Hippo Jet No different than the right trying to cancel Obama......fair game? Or naw? lol

Jwda thefax 3 days ago

LimitedCheetah —Most people are against PC and Cancel Culture whether they’re on the right or the left. People usually say “the left” when talking about cancel culture because most media outlets get accused of being left. So what they’re REALLY talking about is the media.

Jwda thefax 3 days ago

sharpemang That’s the hardest group for them to go after (rappers) they’ll always cater to the main audience and their main audience usually agrees with whatever they’re saying. Plus going after one of the biggest trolls alive isn’t really a good idea anyway. Lol

Hippo Jet 4 days ago

the left has been trying to cancel trump since 2016

Santiago Castillo 4 days ago

NOT A SHE!!! Don't feed into their delusion.

glorydproductions 4 days ago

Watch "TIMEAVELI  HEY OUUU" on YouTube

Snow Fox 22 minutes ago

Facts don’t give a fuck about feelings. lol

I’m bi, love c**k and p*ssy, but I love LGBT jokes. I makes jokes about it all the time, even my own sexuality. Am I homophobic against a part of myself? XD


Leon Phelps 24 minutes ago

We needed This🙌🏾🙌🏾

Eli Velasquez 1 hour ago

Didn't know Dave was a Muslim. I know his sister is, but I never heard him say he was a practicing Muslim

Swedish Dissident 2 hours ago

Victim mentality while at the same time controlling the reigns of Censorship means you must be the Oppressor in Sheep's clothing.

Swedish Dissident 2 hours ago

People who have been living under communism know that whatever you cannot laugh at and are not allowed to make fun of is the Enemy of freedom, a manifestation of those who Suppress and Rule over you.

Shock Value 2 hours ago

Tran. First a man now a woman, tommorrow a dog next year a horse

Miss Cuitepie 3 hours ago

She's sorry for what!? What hurt? I'm so sick of these freaking people! I'm done! 🖕 the alphabet people they think they're the only ones who have f**** problems!? The only ones that's been discriminated against? I don't f**** think so you can miss me with this fuckary👋

abdulsalaam designs 4 hours ago

Dave Chappell rocks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Cool Smooth 4 hours ago

Fagggootts will cry about anything

Sonnets AndTruth 4 hours ago

Ok I’ll be the singular voice. As a non sjw , far lefty etc etc ... I just didn’t find it funny. A few semi humorous lines. Just felt flat to me and a bit bitter ? If I may. yeah I said it. Get hysterical at me.

Shane McBryde 4 hours ago

I found the special unbelievably politically incorrect, patently offensive on so many levels and side splittingly hilarious. I may watch it again later, lol.

Meme Mine 5 hours ago

It's amazing how Dave brought us together again as a country considering he is a Muslim. (As well as a brilliant writer and performer).
All conservative minded people watching Sticks and Stones are saying; "YES! You libtards finally get it. PC is for pussies.

Dr Pain 5 hours ago

we live in a society that chops off their cocks and ridicule those who question it 😂😂

John Burden 6 hours ago

You can either tell jokes about everybody or you can't tell jokes about anybody. There is no fair in between.