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Published on 5 months ago

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Steven reacts to the left's outrage over Dave Chappelle's new Netflix Special, "Sticks and Stones".

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StevenCrowder 5 months ago

What do you think the end result of cancel culture will be? Will everyone end up silenced, or do we think things will swing back the other way as more liberals like Chappelle get tired of the censorship?

corey hall 3 days ago

Ppl are tired of the far left and tired of censorship.

David Halseth 2 weeks ago

Well, now millions of us have decided, like Trump, no more PC or compromised interactions with the Left. Going to take it to em? We won’t start it but now will finish it. Kind of fun actually and the Fascists don’t know how to react.

Kevin H 2 weeks ago

StevenCrowder I think this whole SJW, people being overly sensitive the whole over the top almost comedic shit that’s going on with the whole gender topic and typical snowflakes is going to pass because it’s trendy the majority of the people you see in the news or YouTube just want to be apart of something or are just riding the trend wave and the people who actually believe or have these issues are a lot more quite because they are more logical and just want to live their life in peace plus the media and left will make these movements out to be more powerful than they are to try progress their agenda and once this hype train loses its momentum all its so called supporters are going to leave and hop onto the next hype train

Karys Vost 3 weeks ago

I think cancel culture will end up making people scared of making arguments or debate something because it might insult the LGBTQ community or feminists. Also can you do a review on middle ground please? (If you have please tell me the name of the video or your thoughts on them.)

Jeremy Boyd 2 months ago

Reminds me of spongebob episode call squirrel jokes hahaha I can see it now

H20 tay 2 months ago


Sharath Nair 2 months ago

I give it a 1000 out of 10

Fernando Barajas 3 months ago

And now you know why the P.C. comedy from SJW's is so funny especially the joke about gay lispy beta Latina guy..

Chris Azorr 3 months ago

Agree about Chappelle and the ridiculousness of the outrage, but not everything is political. I'm a "leftist" in your definition...I know no other left leaning person who agrees that Chappelle should be silenced or shunned. This is not about left or right...jokes are funny until they hit home for the snowflakes, both right and left. Your argument is weak

teeeez1 3 months ago

Steven . . . Does a basketball indentify as a pumkin?

Karabo M. Rannobe 4 months ago

@harry guy was that the last guy to get on the sticks and stones lgbtq trip😢

Forrest Patterson 4 months ago

@nathan jones "oh shit my bones!!"

nathan jones 4 months ago

Sticks and stones!

beef Supreme 2 days ago

I hope Walter firearms sent you free stuff your pimpen for them all the time

Derek R Watson 3 days ago

Awesome Walther shirt sir. 👍

Dean Moore 3 days ago

Who here is going to watch sticks and stones right now

brbjuke45 3 days ago

First truly Dave Chappelle special I have seen, and wow 100 out of 10

John Dough 3 days ago

You do know Dave endorced Andrew Yang. 🤓

Dustin Zhu 4 days ago

My parents are from China. Speaking up against the libs is the equivalent with talking shit about the communist party in China lmao

Renegade Gamer 5 days ago

The end result?

When Comedy is dead and gone, when every show and every piece of music is the same that supports the culture itself, when theres no such thing as a white males... it's already killed Star Wars, its killing comics, and its attacking Anime and Videogames... its end result... killing anything that they dont agree with..

Diana Saur 5 days ago

If you're afraid of, or if flying upsets you or it goes against your beliefs/ethics, get treatment or don't go on a plane you don't prevent everyone else flying.

lexy lolo 5 days ago

Can we please just call them the alphabet gang. I'm tired of having to add letters and remember them. I'm tired.😩

Miami Hilton 6 days ago

After watching the video when this lady spoke about Puerto Rican fund relief, I felt embarrassed to be a Puerto Rican. It didn't affect on how I view you. Doesn't make me like you less or not a fan of the show. In fact I continue to watch. Great show I hope you reach as many people as possible. I do just have one question, don't take offense. What is your goal?

aragon26583 6 days ago

I was half asleep when watching this special, even me with half my brain awake found this special funny until I passed out, then I had a good nights sleep. People really need to grow up and stop wearing their emotions on their sleeves.

Joel Cummins 6 days ago

That special was fucking hilarious

Bryana 6 days ago

Freaking love Dave Chapelle ❤️ (white woman)

Jeromy Bilbrey 6 days ago

Just imagine if Richard Pryor was in his prime now!!!!! He’d destroy all the snowflakes, on a level they couldn’t even imagine!!!