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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Zion Williamson NBA Debut With LeBron James Watching! Pelicans vs Knicks 2019 NBA Summer League | July 5, 2019 NBA Season

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Claudio Gomes Sanchez 17 hours ago

Bless Zion, fot he is bringing back NBA basketball in a three point sniper competition. Ripping off the ball and dunking it with two hands? That is an audition for Mortal Kombat!

AmazingStuff 17 hours ago

Zion is overrated

Logan Cruz 18 hours ago

and they compare this man with young lebron xD

Derrick Williamson 24 hours ago

And that's not even the reason zion the hungry lion Williamson was sat for the rest of this game either he was sat for the remainder of this game because he had a kneecap to kneecap injury when he bumped knees with a opposite team player! and they wanted to be careful with it . this is the narrative that ESPN and their neighboring professional sports media outlet partners in liesu have been trying to push from the time he played his second summer league game. they have been trying to push this narrative that Zion is this big fat over weight basketball player when the truth of this falsehood is in the numbers #that don't lie either! and the most telling one of all was in and is in his top draft pick he is the same weight when they drafted him in fact he was a couple pounds light I believe but don't quote me on that! people we have to begin again and we have to relearn how to
#think for ourselves! and notice I said we not you. this is not an attack on anyone's ability to think for themselves but we have to admit that most of not all of the things we hear on the news whether it be on the tv news or sports news we tend to believe it and not only believe it we repeat it and not in the allegedly type of way . its to the point now that if these wicked people could say they sky is falling right now and as long as they said it on the news with a straight face most of us would run to the window to see it. please wake up people because time is of the essence and its running out . stop believing everything you hear . ps. just because a whole bunch of people say the same thing it doesn't mean that its the truth . seek out the truth of the matter and its truth or falsehood on your own and by a preponderance of the evidence judge whether or not it's the truth or a lie . just like Christianity if people actually read the bible that they claim to believe in they would know that Christianity doesn't do or teach on thing that the bible says they are to do .they don't even call the most high by his name and nowhere in the bible does it say yahawah has many names no where Satan has many names if that weren't true it wouldn't say yahawah has a name above all names and there would be a place in the bible that says yahawah has many names . if you tell a lie once its just that a lie but if you tell a lie over and over as though it were the truth it will become the truth! and this is what these wicked physical seeds of Satan have perpetuated against this whole world .psalms two says that yahawah chose king David as his one begotten son and Jeremiah30: Says he will raise king David from the dead to lead his people yahsaral I use the most highs true name not god or Jesus or any other name these wicked people have changed his name to . and the word god is a Latin word it comes from the name Godarial! this is the name that Jesuit priest gave to the sun god #🌞 god! this is where their wicked sun day worship comes from
🌞 day worship! and Jesus is another Latin word its pronounced #haysus! this is the name of a Greek deity do you really think yahawah would share his name with a deiyy! but these names have been repeated so many times that we just repeat them with no question not even doing our dodiligance to actually find out if these be his true name or not . so when you say than god or Jesus or Jehovah you are really thanking the devil .wake up people

The Watcher 1 day ago

In my book Zion doesnt need to lose weight if he has the athleticness of a gymnast

Florencio jr Agbon 1 day ago

Lers see if he can recieve a ball if he played with ingram hahaha

Podcast Clips 2 days ago

Zion would rape lebron on the court...

Nathan Hall 2 days ago

he stinks!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Villanueva 2 days ago

I say it first Zion nickname is "big Z dub"

money man 3 days ago

This song is fire on god

A20 Fitness 3 days ago

This comment section acts as if people don’t learn and Aren’t adaptive. There are tons to of training in the league that will get Zion ready for anything. Look at Blake griffin now , mid range game , outside game , and of course his inside game . Give him time and stop judging the outcome of the book before it’s finished.

A20 Fitness 3 days ago

Zion looks like Shaq and RJ looks like Tracy Mcgrady

Idubbbz Saturated 3 days ago

Zion shouldn’t be on pelicans.

Zac Ramos 3 days ago just listen tho

Ben Jammin 3 days ago

Damn y'all, give him a chance to upgrade his game to match the pace of pro ballers.