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Published on 5 months ago

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Seth takes a closer look at the president accusing Democrats of treason as Republicans flail in their attempts to defend him from impeachment.
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Trump and GOP Melt Down Amid Ukraine Scandal, Impeachment: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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shernigz 6 days ago

It's truly astonishing his all this bs can't out abd yet he was acquitted. I really don't get it? People still back this guy and say he's done nothing wrong

josoverthehill 2 weeks ago

Meyers' Shaggy sounded more like Jerry Seinfeld.

rocco decrescentis 2 weeks ago

Donald J. Drumpf, is the greatest charlatan the world has ever known, and continues to demonstrate that he is a naive, ignorant, delirious sociopath, devoid of principles, deceitful, divisive, inarticulate, incompetent, hypocritical, thin-skinned and grossly  narcissistic , a dishonest, arrogant, autocratic, loser, bullying, misogynist, zionist,  serial exaggerator and pathological bullshit artist and congenital liar and least of all  a political neophyte, with a feverish brain that continues "status twitterus" (a dangerous mental condition in which the twitter fits the one and  the other without recovery of consciousness between them) - in sum, a classic, "Dunning-Kruger"  absolutely unsuitable for being POTUS.
Drumpf's only reason for being is to nurture his insatiable narcissism and sustain his s, which he always exaggerates. Anyone who thinks they have ever had a sense of service other than self-service, or a man who spent his entire adult life promoting his vulgar "brand" and the many scams he gave his name to - at the cost of ,usually the "poorly educated" - now they worry about a comma about someone else, or that he or his family / relatives parasites will pass every opportunity to monetize his presidency, is naive - to the extreme.
Pathologically, Drumpf is an idiot,morally a fraud and a failure if he had not been born in great wealth, he would probably now live under an overpass somewhere. Yet the "poorly educated" elected this "snorted buffoon" to be POTUS, making the United States the laughingstock of the world.
Drumpf has no principles; it only offers "snake-oil" tactics and illusory or naively simple answers to complex problems - we will be lucky if this cretin does not cause a real tragedy in the country.
"Trump is a man of flexible principles, the first of which is to show inconsistent inconsistency at all times."
Trump lacks several traits of an effective leader, including "humility, acknowledging errors, shouldering blame and learning from mistakes, empathy, resilience, collaboration, connecting with people and controlling unproductive emotions".[73

Trump's sociopathic characteristics are undeniable .They create a profound danger for America 's Democracy and safety. Over time these characteristics will only become worse.Trump's sociopathic characteristics are undeniable .They create a profound danger for America 's Democracy and safety. Over time these characteristics will only become worse

Joy Smith 2 weeks ago

You are a terrible man who didn't help kids who was being abused by their coach

Richard Bergen 2 weeks ago

From trying to rig the electoral college on election night, through the Russia nonsense, now through a fauxpeachement that never had a chance, TRUMP IS STILL YOUR PRESIDENT! Every attempt to weaken or remove him has uttterly crashed and burned but keep trying douchebags, it's hilarious to watch! About time you finally dropped any pretense of objectivity, seth-boy!
Great how Trump lives rent free in your head! Trump laughs himself to sleep every night just thinking about you clueless libtards!

Elgin Prachett 2 weeks ago

I do believe a lot of people are using Trump as a scare tactic to let children know that monsters are real to scare them straight 🍍

Happy Girl 2 weeks ago

USA, why don't you dump Mr. Trump, huh?

1sm08 2 weeks ago

Jim "That's Strauss." Jordan is a profile in pathetic slimeballery.

tekay44 2 weeks ago

pretty funny in hindsight

wayne johnson 2 weeks ago

our prime minister is an idiot

wayne johnson 2 weeks ago

sorry donnie but your a liar and we wouldn t let you near a whistlr blower

Samuel Ademeso 3 weeks ago

Seath meyer on Scooby: it was a cartoon that aired when my writer where young.
Me: well lucky for you I just so happened to be one of them

Rebecca Lyle 3 weeks ago

Here is hoping

Penny Parks 3 weeks ago

Rudy going on the good reputation u once had that obviously u didnt deserve. U should b disbarred and imprisoned

Kate Gainer 3 weeks ago

Wow they are so corrupt they trying to lie for Trump