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Published on 6 days ago

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Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights | October 8, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason

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House of Highlights 6 days ago

Do you guys think Westbrook & Harden can win it all playing together? -GD

Lena Francis 2 days ago

@Dog World Online facts

RuSomeKindaIdiot 3 days ago

🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Jumpin Geezus 3 days ago

Akeem the dream!

XXIbossI5XX 4 days ago


Wonton Potatoroll 4 days ago

@john smith You must be 12 years old. How much you wanna bet rockets go all the way this year?

Wonton Potatoroll 4 days ago

@Innis Mor lol dude the raptors won't even make the playoffs

Inquisitve m 4 days ago

@Blue Larsen Did you even understand that the guy was talking about this year. He wasn't talking about the previous years.You're a dufus. Warriors without Iggy, KD, and Livingston is just another playoff team. Their defense isn't good either....hasn't been the past 2 yrs. Rockets have a better chance of winning a title than Warriors. Clippers and Lakers are still overwhelming favorites.

zacho cracy 5 days ago

Depends if China approves or not.

China "jump"
Harden "how high?"

Innis Mor 5 days ago

@Robinson R.L. Wigfall And Gasol and Lowry were missing. That's a lot of defense missing, that you're going at if you're the Rockets. Three rings between them this year.

Innis Mor 5 days ago

@Wonton Potatoroll I know .... imagine how much the Raptors win by in the season!

WAZ GOOD 5 days ago

@Raiception lol haha 👏

Blue Larsen 5 days ago

@Inquisitve m Dumbest comment of all time. Curry and Klay already won it all. Harden and Russ are both below average defensive players. Russ can't shoot 3's to save his life, which doesn't keep a defense honest, allows them to pack paint on all drivers. Houston are lucky to win a round in the playoffs.

Blue Larsen 5 days ago

Rockets fans are about to feel the frustration with Russ. I want every Rockets fan to pay attention to how Russ lets his man, at the point of attack, the most important defensive position, just blow by him, despite his crazy athleticism, over and over and over and over and over again. Russ makes the choice to play defense for about exactly 2 minutes a game. Let me describe what you're going to see: Russ' man blows by him at will, your defense flexes to the middle to compensate, someone is wide open for 3, with Russ yelling at a teammate that they should've rotated to cover for him. Also: he has no interest in running plays on offense at critical moments.

Ricky Vall3y Reid 5 days ago

They must learn to work together

First name Last name 5 hours ago

I told Westbrook to play with Harden - TK Kirkland

marryson123 8 hours ago

The champ wins once again.

Aiden Arrata 10 hours ago

@6:52 was that not a travel by harden.

RW Productions 10 hours ago

Russ hittin threes now

B P 12 hours ago

No one gonna talk about 7:37? Just gonna keep making terrible jokes about the crowd?

TheGuitarGamer33 12 hours ago

5:13 Harden used a move he learned from the professor in one of his YT videos

Amari James 16 hours ago

This whole comment section is about the crowd "ooooooh"

LEFT THE LEFT 23 hours ago

Fuck the globalist NBA Lords.. I stand with the Freedom Fighters of Hong Kong ...fuck the NBA

Greggity 1 day ago

Free Hong Kong

Bryan Barrera 1 day ago

That James Harden guy is nice

Real 4Ever 2 days ago

houstons second strugglin

Kevin Koeppen 2 days ago

Ryan Anderson is still on the Rockets? I thought he got traded

MrMarkmill 2 days ago

the NBA game is just layups, dunks and threes now damn...i just knew i was missing something...lol..inside game..like kobe...duncan..geesh..wheres the real big men at?

Waui Boy Reyes 2 days ago

As long as they defeat the team of Durant, Lebrun, and Curry. I go for both of these teams.