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Published on 1 week ago

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on liberals to stop judging everyone's past behavior by today's "woke" standards.

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MGS V 53 minutes ago

The left have lost their f***ing minds, i can't support that insanity.

Reacher 1 hour ago

In 2008 California one of if not the most liberal State's in America, in an election year with record turn out voted AGAINTS same sex marriage. And did so pretty convincingly! Good god give it a rest!!! Politics change.

The crime rates in the late 80's and early 90's was sky high. If you didn't come across as being tough on crime you didn't get elected. Period! You can argue that crime bills and laws that were passed went to far or lasted too long but to pretend that everyone going along with it, voting for it, or enacting it should have recognized the mistakes right from beginning is insane. Nobody who has been in politics for more then a decade, not Biden, not Sanders, not Harris is going to be on the correct side of things by todays standards 100% of the time.

e val79 5 hours ago

Based on Bill Maher logic I’m gonna go back to high school and send in correct answers of my SATs! Sorry it took me 10 years to get the answers right.

El Hombre Sin Nombre 6 hours ago

don't forger to thumbs down, let bill know how wrong he is.

El Hombre Sin Nombre 6 hours ago

Bill maher is a typical dumb boomer, such a shame. Don't forget about leaving a thumbs down.

El Hombre Sin Nombre 6 hours ago

Thumbs down people, don't forget.

El Hombre Sin Nombre 6 hours ago

we need more thumbs down people, bill maher has become such a poison. If it was still socially acceptable to hate on gays, Barack and Uncle Joe would still be hating on them. Changing opinion is fine, but not to pretend like you are more progressive. Bernie has always been on the right side of history. Fuck Bill Maher.

DarthSparhawk 7 hours ago

Bill is great

Shea Johnson 15 hours ago

Man I hate agreeing with Bill Maher....

vittoriostoraro 16 hours ago

Bravo. Brilliant Mr. Maher.

RHS 17 hours ago

Well...Apple and Samsung have regressed by removing the headphone jack.

raglanheuser 18 hours ago

oh bill, if more people listened to you I might even still be a liberal

antred11 18 hours ago

One of the few times that I strongly disagree with Bill.

FaustusFBI 3760 18 hours ago

Anti-slavery was actually already significant to the church and Charles V in a massive way in the 1500s.

FaustusFBI 3760 18 hours ago

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