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Published on 4 months ago

Video Searching Keywords: Terry McAuliffe , Democrat , Governor , Virginia , Beyond Charlottesville , Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism , Richard Engel , NBC News , MSNBC , Tom Nichols , USA Today , The Death of Expertise , The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters , Catherine Rampell , The Washington Post , CNN , Anthony Scaramucci , White House , Communications Director , President Trump , Trump The Blue-Collar President ,

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on liberals to stop judging everyone's past behavior by today's "woke" standards.

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66fiveandahalf 2 days ago

Biden wants more study of marijuana because IT MIGHT STILL BE A GATEWAY DRUG!!! GO AWAY YOU DINOSAUR!!

Elaine Thomas 5 days ago

Glad, that Cam, is shut down. She was a wanna be, but, didn't have the goods. Next.

David Edmundson 6 days ago

Nails it! Same can be said about the society in which you live. You are a product of your time and your surroundings.

Ali T 2 weeks ago

Want to see some examples of what Bill Maher's talking about (judging the past by the standards of today)? Look no further than WatchMojo's videos about racism and other kinds of discrimination in old movies and cartoons. Fucking retarded.

Long duk dong 2 weeks ago

Obama is a worthless shit head and so is Biden. Fuck them both.

bignardo95 3 weeks ago

This explains to the tee, my problem with the bible and religion. If we don't think, dress, walk and even talk like we did just 20 years ago, WTF???

Ben 3 weeks ago

Yet, you’re the same people using trump past to harass him. I get it, different strokes for different folks

Susan Gaskin 4 weeks ago

"The humans of tomorrow will be horrified by us. They won't believe we used to sexualize people during sex"! Haha that was awesome!

djbred18 4 weeks ago

Well it’s not evolving. It’s just saying whatever they can to get elected. That is the basis of politics. That’s why campaign promises never get full filled. Ie: Obama saying he will close GITMO, Bush Sr, no new taxes, Trump: Mexico will pay for the wall

Paul Warren 4 weeks ago


Talecia Gayle 4 weeks ago

I’m a millennial and agree with everything bill says...sometimes....he’s centrist and I’m more farther to the left. But I hate being classed as a millennial as I agree with little of what they do. I actually had no idea it’s the millennial me who are behaving like this. Being professionally offended by everything these days, I find it dumb. Critical thinking and reason has definitely long flown out the door in America

Leonard Bekker 4 weeks ago

Bill Maher is not just an American hero calling out truth, he is and international thought leader who we all need to listen to around the world as a global civilization!

Travis Jones 4 weeks ago

Modern woke liberals are clueless idiots who just landed to their own kind

Reed Rasmussen 4 weeks ago

yes Bill we evolve but context is important. why why did kamala Harris evolve why did Obama evolve. becxause poles said they would loose if you were a progressive or a innovator. only if your like you a sell out centrist. having no vision to make life better. just a life of slavery. good for you.