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Published on 9 months ago

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May 18, 2019 | Splash Brothers X Draymond Green EPiC Comeback vs Blazers in Game 3 Of 2019 WCF 60FPS FreeDawkins - NBA Video' #DawkinsSplashBros
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Marcos Bueno Murillo 3 months ago

It hurts to see how this spectacular defense has become in one of the worst defense in the league in just a year

Chris 4 months ago

We will never see these Warriors again. Hate them or love them, for the last five years they have been arguably the greatest basketball team ever. Years from now, I can say I had the luxury of witnessing the greatest nba team ever in their prime. It was a good run

Angelo Miguel Santillan 4 months ago

i wore the same shoes as steph on the same day tthis game was on live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nigel McKenzie 5 months ago

3rd quarter: Comeback
4th quarter: Finish
Just some 2015 Warriors basketball ,
Gonna miss this , and Iggy 💯

Zeus 5 months ago

The same people hating today, 15 years from now will be boasting about how they lived to see their glory!

Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl 5 months ago

Y'all knew DAMN WELL that Portland wasn't gonna beat GSW...I don't know why people LIE to themselves like that. Portland NEVER beats the Warriors.

Bess Snow 5 months ago

This is how a real team plays together. Sorry KD, was great while it lasted. We got this same team, plus DLo sheesh. And people writing the Dubs off??

Christian Añasco 5 months ago

You clearly see that if Draymond is initiating the offense, everything goes well with Steph and Klay as they get that freedom to move and get an open shot. With that, you can't say that Draymond is not an important part of this Warriors dynasty.

Nathan Dorow 5 months ago

Draymond went off damn

William Bejar 5 months ago

7:34 wtf did he kick

Flight A7 5 months ago

Draymond on any team is a bonus fasho. Like fr. Very underrated cuz of his antics . but he a top 20 player fasho

rafael táboas de sáa 5 months ago

Playoff history

Edwina Hanna-Reese 6 months ago

Draymond is the Warriors engine. Keep up! Warriors are going to be monsters, no sympathy.

Edwina Hanna-Reese 6 months ago

Want #9 back, somehow, someway!

Random Asian 6 months ago

How much times did Mike Breen said “pushing”?