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Published on 3 weeks ago

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It’s easy to buy things online, and even easier not to think about how they get to you. John Oliver discusses what happens when you click “buy now.”

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Ruina Imperri. 2 hours ago

This is what capitalism is. Don’t cry over it

Nicolai Holmstoel 2 hours ago

John Oliver was a better Zazu then Rowan Atkinson. Yeah i said it!!

crocusflower 2 hours ago

i would like to hear your take on this escalation of don's hate mongering & utter disrespect of the new members of congress & other positions. it is pretty terrifying that he is pulling off what hitler did 80 years ago.

charlye5 3 hours ago

A totally off topic observation; while re-watching music video clips from Glee, specifically Season Three (3) Episode Fourteen (14) titled "On My Way", I spotted either John Oliver or a pretty convincing Double in the crowd whistling and cheering for the Dalton Academy Warblers cover of 'I'm Glad You Came'. Lol! How's that for random?

hippiecheezburger 4 hours ago

I feel like it’s such a bullshit pat on the back, yeah you’re doin a great job, says the guy that doesn’t do shit, it’s hard to take anyone seriously who works at amazon no matter how high up they are. The company is sooo inefficient and so unorganized. Just people keeping track of numbers and repetitive work. It’s a zoo there in my opinion, it’s designed so people won’t want to stay, despite the pay and benefits. It’s a job that you rationally wouldn’t want to keep for more then two years

Dhrunil Bhavsar 4 hours ago

thats another reason why i dont like amazon as company.

Celine Chong 7 hours ago

BRO I live in Seattle and literally get my packages a day late every single time I'm confused about this "any cost"

Kevin McKasy 7 hours ago

You know what's funny? Only people that are lazy and out of shape complain about the working conditions there. Almost everyone is friendly there, I meet a ton of cool people, and it's generally easy work for anyone with any kind of work ethic. Let me tell you that most people that work there are COMPLETELY lazy and useless, walking at a sloth-like speed, doing BARE MINIMUM WORK, and yet they STILL complain. I'm really tired of this kind of thing. You get TONS of time off in my building, they have flexible schedules, and best of all, you can quit any time and come back in 90 days if you want to try it out again. Most employees are 18-19 year olds that have NO work experience, so what do you expect? Of course they're going to complain about doing any sort of challenging work. People need to harden the f*ck up because many other countries have MUCH MUCH worse working conditions, and those people would KILL to work at Amazon. Please, stop talking shit about things that you don't understand Mr. Oliver - I doubt you've done an ounce of physical work in your life.


4-year Amazon Associate in California

Candy P 7 hours ago

Bezos could end world hunger tomorrow and still be rich. A billion dollars is more money than most people can even comprehend, but 118 times that??? Fuck capitalism so much lmao

Will Moffett 9 hours ago

People are so nice to put with this shit. I mean, have slaves ever been so docile?

Will Moffett 9 hours ago

If you could save 30 million for your company and you knew you would only get a pat on the back...would you do it?

(GL) Great Life 12 hours ago

Watch that bear mace, it will certainly mess up the rates

(GL) Great Life 12 hours ago

One of the funniest little British leprechauns on tv I've ever seen!
Well all right

embrezar 14 hours ago

One-day shipping for Prime members? I'm a Prime member, and I ordered something Monday that won't get here until at least this upcoming Monday... that's not one-day shipping, that's one-week shipping at the very best, assuming it doesn't get delayed again. So much for them getting me my package on time "at any cost." Although I'm glad to hear that their workers that are fulfilling my purchase get a bit of a breather, they probably needed it.

embrezar 13 hours ago

Well then they shouldn't make that claim. They can't claim to offer one-day shipping "but only if you're one of the cool kids." Also, this whole "get it on time no matter the cost" mentality clearly doesn't exist... I have ordered a ton of things from Amazon, and they don't care about getting things delivered on time, as I have had many orders delayed, and am experiencing it yet again with my current purchase. I just hope the delays mean that someone was able to take a break and use the restroom, but that's likely not how that works.

TheDefiantScorpion 13 hours ago

Depends on the area your in. I have ordered 1 day shipping and received it in 8 hours.

Jose Milian 16 hours ago

warehouse work is definitely rough. been there and wouldn't want to do it again.