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Published on 3 months ago

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It’s easy to buy things online, and even easier not to think about how they get to you. John Oliver discusses what happens when you click “buy now.”

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Grady Jean 2 hours ago

Paused at 11:55 cuz I just need a moment to accept that the person who shopped those two mayflies banging probably made more money on that than the lady that literally died of a heart attack in an XPO Logistics warehouse.

Master Bruce 14 hours ago

$118B if it aint broke dont fix it right?

Master Bruce 14 hours ago

Only time i endorsed amazon is for license plate covers
Amazon seems like a fucked up company

CrippledMerc 17 hours ago

Give the warehouse staff Crazy Carts and set it up so that they pick items in a circular fashion, then everyone can be moving in the same direction and have fun drifting around the aisles grabbing stuff! It couldn’t be that dangerous, right?

CrippledMerc 18 hours ago

Box hugger sounds like something out of a porn parody of the Alien franchise.. just sayin

kingpest13 18 hours ago

Two words; skateboard

ScorchedCrow95 1 day ago

You guys should also talk about the post office. The same issues here apply in that case too, and most people don't even realize that the PO isn't federally funded. All the troubles they've had have fallen on the carriers and the supervisors and managers are horrible to their workers. It's a running joke in the PO that to be in management you have to sell your soul to hell first. Just a thought.

Gawain Fraites 1 day ago

Still not met at any cost cause Amazon delivery sucks. But they too needs to stop treating people like robots. I mean this is just another level of slavery.

Justin Baker 2 days ago

I don’t understand why these places aren’t automated. Other than QC for incoming products these people are unnecessary, no need for people running everywhere, there’s video games that take more thought than what it would take to automate this system. Bear repellent would be an inconvenience, not a news story if there weren’t people having to do this, maybe those people could get educated in something other than picking up and running things. I bet they’re smarter than that.

Donna Campbell 2 days ago

Bezos Has $118 billion. He isn't Worth Jack S***! Boycott Amazon!!!

AnimeSunglasses 2 days ago

I came THIS close to choking on a drink of water at "brooks bros. mannequin thrown out for a noise violation"

Andrew Burger 2 days ago

Americans forgot that to make money you have to work hard some people will run or hike many miles a day just for health reasons. Physically demanding jobs are all around and often don't get the deserved wages, Construction workers, Farmers, metal / fabrications workers, line cooks , garbage men, etc.
Amazon provides jobs and a great service , Welcome to capitalism.

JayRadTank 2 days ago

"I said kiss the box."
I wish my girlfriend would tell me that.
Oh wait, I don't have one...*sigh*

tybofborg 2 days ago

Man, I really gotta thank John Oliver for starting to open up my eyes. Like, he does the liberal thing where he stops short of questioning the whole system, but he does do the job of putting one part that you thought was great under the microscope, and point out 99 ways in which it is horrible, and then leave you to maybe wonder whether any other parts are significantly better.

Zachary Laramie 2 days ago

Yeah, I'm 21 and have worked three warehouse jobs. Though I personally enjoy hard work, when I first started at 18 I had to keep working despite dehydration. Plus, my sinuses haven't been clear since due to poor or no ventilation. Now I just refuse to work in warehouse settings because my lungs can't take it anymore. I fucking got the flu because of their shitty work conditions.