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Published on 3 months ago

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With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.

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Piano Fry 29 minutes ago

I don't trust Cortez because she spends way too much time fighting with Trump over stuff that no one gives a damn about.

The End 2 hours ago

The problem with carbon tax or gasoline taxes is that they hurt poor and working class people the most.

I would love to drive a hybrid or a fully electric car. But they’re fucking expensive. I drive what I can afford. There’s problems in my state with increased regulations on car inspections. They’re well-meaning, but ultimately most people can’t afford to make the proper repairs (most of which are not structural problems, but emissions related issues).

In my family, we make fairly good money. And everything is still too expensive. I don’t know how anyone makes it anymore to tell you the truth

Mounim Ben 6 hours ago

Still the Green new deal is most stupid thing i've ever heard

Neal R 8 hours ago

18:47 - Take a look a this: it’s our Goodness Gracious Great Planet of Fire of Science! (fanfare)

Craig Abbott 8 hours ago

Pie!!!! and the thing with the rebate and carbon tax.... you forget that here in nj if we had that tax there 100% would be no rebate... home state of trump's business's and he never tackled the treatment we face here and/or corruption ... tump should know he's from here.

-cant let my kids play in the yard without being 2 feet from them so they dont get snatched up.
-cant take your kid to the park without the police sitting in the entrance of my neighborhood running my plates and trying to find reasons to give me fines
-call the police because people are shooting guns and expect the police to show up in around no less then 20minutes(i can ride a bike to the station in 12minutes)
-got a crazy ex ? expect dyfus to be beating down your door 3-4 times a week for years with every allegation under the sun you'll have to clear...
-got a drug addict baby mama? she got your kid? expect her to be taking your child support money and shooting it in her arm with no accountability for the child support (even if the father never missed a dollar and actually paid) .
-we pay one of the highest tax's and have THE polehole king state title for some reason...
-nj refused to legalize marijuana for the disabled because we the people refused a 1 billion dollar loan the people would have to pay just to legalize it...the 1 billion was for their bmw payments and nice houses? idk

lilbrothaaa 12 hours ago

1941 as the Nazis are about to capture Moscow: "Dammit, where's our Burgers!?"

Adam Blakeman 1 day ago

When you finally realise where a meme is from

Chad Young 2 days ago

When the Prime Minister of Canada say the word “tax”, his people mock him. When Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women and other crazy stuff, no one bets an eye.

Alex Beyer 2 days ago

If and could aren't fact based statements and then proceeds to burn plastic releasing toxic fumes that we can only hope caused permanent and lethal damage to the fake science guy.

Jonny Depth 2 days ago

The green deal would cost the u.s. around 90 trillion, yet it would only address the 15% of the worlds pollution that we here produce. Places like India, china, etc will continue their paths. Let's get real. 90 trillion out of our pockets to buy the planet an extra 8 years.

* Benign Laughter * 2 days ago

Stalin- "robble robble"

amy d 2 days ago

Being buried with your "hoes-basket" can have a whole new meaning. And something that makes sense..
P.s. this IS my sense of humor.. sue me..!!

The Life Aquatic with Rob Bull 2 days ago

Honestly guys, don't want to go all doom and gloom on you all, but the world is f#*cked. People don't see climate change as an imminent threat because it's an absolutely terrifying thought and they quite simply don't want to believe it's true. We don't want to believe horrible things are about to happen and by doing so we fail to act, thus ensuring they do.

The solutions are simple, but they require working together, for the common good, something that is actively discouraged by neo-capitalism. Geothermal, hydro, tidal, solar, and wind are all alternatives we could use today to generate power. I don't see the global population developing the political backbone to affect change. I so hope I'm wrong on this one, but from what I have seen, I don't think that I am.

FlyingSoloSV 2 days ago

I agree with your points. People cannot keep denying it, and solutions need to be the priority not "we'll get to it." With everyday passing day we are losing opportunity to turn this around. Another point that definitely needs to be mentioned is a plant-based diet. There is no way animal agriculture is sustainable and it is a big factor in environmental degradation. These people focused on their hamburgers need to wake up to this fact, and make a change today. We don't need to wait for legislation to personally make this change and enact what we preach.

Brian Williams 3 days ago

Bill Nye cursing at climate change denying idiots is pretty much the greatest thing ever

Definately not Joseph Stalin 3 days ago

Cyka blyat! He found out about the hamburgers!