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Published on 2 weeks ago

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on Americans to take control of their health and address the growing obesity epidemic.

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Andrew Sullivan 18 minutes ago

Whenever I go to a restaurant here and they bring me my dish, I say "Is that the family size?". The portions here are UNBELIEVABLE!

redngolden 40 minutes ago

Smoke shaming needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

DmY808 1 hour ago

The two things killing most Americans are obesity related illness and drug overdose. But liberals think guns are the biggest threat. No the biggest threat to Americans are themselves. Stop over eating. Have a salad for once. Go on a fast for a day.

DmY808 2 hours ago

The three most obese nations are America, Mexico. Britain. In that order. We wouldn't even be having a debate on Healthcare of people took better care of themselves. This problem is the fault of the individual. And now those people want the government to come to their recuse.

GGDonner 2 hours ago

james corden is a moron

DmY808 1 hour ago

He's also a fat ass slob. That is why he got all offended.

lherrington1 2 hours ago

Thanks for pointing all this out, Bill!! We as Americans needed to hear the truth!! But you forgot to mention how expensive it is to eat healthy - especially for poor people !!

DmY808 1 hour ago

Not really. My family never had a problem cooking good healthy food and we were broke as hell at the time. Being poor is not an excuse for anything in life.

samslick90 4 hours ago

Weight Watchers changed its name because  people caught  on that their way of losing weight -  starvation-  doesn't work

Charlie Dead 4 hours ago

Humm 🤔 We do have a responsibility to take care of our bodies. Yes. also seem blind to many of the things that can cause obesity. Just one example is poverty. Plain and simple, it costs far less to eat garbage than to eat healthy and with so many people working unconventional hours and multiple jobs, most cheap meals whether fast food or TV dinners is also more convenient.

samslick90 4 hours ago

Bill shouldn't really be mocking people's appearance
Bill  got sued by a former Playmate for not marrying her,ie, she was only dating him for the cash

No one will mistake  Bill for Brad Pit

Poppy Bell 4 hours ago

Thank you, Bill! I have always been a fan... and now you have given me exactly the little push I needed to commit suicide! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way! Congrats on being so provocative that you push people to KILL themselves. I hope that makes you smile :-) I thought about telling you that some people suffer from health issues that cause obesity, how SO many people cannot afford healthy food, and how some people are just plain old depressed and trying not to slip away from life, but your snarky ass does not give a shit. Being fat does not make one stupid... although, according to your very fine-tuned wisdom, one must be just plain ole dumb and lazy if they're fat. You are JUST a BULLY. I'll be sure to haunt you. And also: karma is a bitch,'s a real bitch.

lane bellamy 4 hours ago

Bill is 100% CORRECT! I stopped over eating and started getting more exercise. I've already lost 50 lbs. There is no mystery to losing weight.

Victoria H 4 hours ago

I agree with 200%.

brad monaghan 5 hours ago

James Corden is a snowflake, even for an English guy

Peggy Detmers 6 hours ago

What hasn't been covered in both Maher's and Corden's "Fat Shaming" spots is the highly addictive properties of sugar and simple starches. Science has reported in multiple studies that sweets are even more addictive than opiates in most genetic lines of humans. As a biologist I know that our bodies are made to crave those substances to purposefully put on weight for the lean periods outside of the growing season and to insulate ourselves for the winter colder months.

Historically, when we were all hunters and gatherers, the foods that gave us those sugars and starches only became available to us seasonally, in the late summer or fall, just in time for us to insulate ourselves for the harshness of winter. Those foods had been sugary fruits, and starches from root tubers and seeds and some wild grains. Then we started farming, and as soon as we could grow and store and eat seed and grains year round, archeologists found more tooth decay and arthritis and cancer showing up more in the farmers' bones compared to the bones of nomadic hunters.

Now we have sugary, starchy, poisonous pesticide laden foods available all year round, and they are the cheapest foods available due to grain subsidies to farmers. We have to fight our set-in-stone genetic cravings every day, day in and out. I find the only way to do that is to work hard to maintain a no sugar, low carb diet. When I do that the cravings are minimized, and it becomes easier to stick with a diet high in organic veggies and greens and lean organic range raised bison, chicken and some fish and eggs, with very little or no grains, seeds or nuts. But it is tough! Our food bill is high, but our doctor visits are lower. I am off 4 major medications. I had always been one of those thin, borderline, auto-immune, type-one, diabetics with migraines and gut issues. On the above diet, I am now in complete remission of the diabetes, my gut issues have greatly lessened, and the migraines are livable. Those darn craving are still there, but I have support. My friends and family are all moving to the same diet once seeing the changes in me. Having all that POSITIVE support for each other, not shaming, is what works.

leland grover 7 hours ago

An uncomfortable truth.