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Published on 4 months ago

Video Searching Keywords: mario , pokemon , pokemon sword and shield , pokemon sun and moon , super mario odyssey , minecraft , gold farming , fallout , fallout 4 , fallout 76 , mass effect , sims , sims 4 , skyrim , elder scrolls , zelda , zelda breath of the wild , breath of the wild , super mario , luigi , money , economics , the witcher , gold farm , gold farm minecraft , gold farming fallout , gold farming skyrim , the science , the science of , game theory , game thoerists , matpat , rich , earn money ,

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You wanted to know gamin's richest character and Austin is BACK to figure it out! Is a Pokemon Master richer than the Sims? Could Geralt from The Witch buy out all of Skyrim? That is the economic mystery we aim to figure out today!

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Sean Squiers 2 days ago

When Austin promises to make part 3 before 2020 and I'm sad because it's halfway through February and I was pretty interested in part 3 :(

NovaGAMEing35 2 days ago

He didn't keep his promise about the next episode, lol.

Ian Colville 2 days ago

Austin, it’s 20 wheat for 1 emerald but you did it 20 emeralds for 1 wheat which would change your whole calculations for Alex and Steve

Andrew Emerson 2 days ago

the Fallout part kinda assumes the same retail markup... which exists in our world for very specific reasons that would not be replicated in the Fallout world

Harryquananh 4 days ago

Not true, Geralt is only interested in killing monsters, drinking ale, teaching Ciri, f*ing Renfri and Yennefer and taking care of Roach.

Want Some Memes? 6 days ago

Hey Austin, where new vid, I neeed content

nathaniel bass 1 week ago

every authority figure ever in gaming: go save the kingdom or the world, i'll pay you minimum wage! or...DEATH TO THE HERETIC! XD

Asian_ Boi 1 week ago

hi im from 2020 here to tell you that there is, to this day, still no part 3

Khai Nguyên Trần 1 week ago

when it will be another episode

james kenway 1 week ago

Austin. I need to know!

TheDarkknight880 1 week ago

"I promise to do the finale before 2019 is over"
Me still waiting in February 2020

RAW asshitshow 2 weeks ago

17:-7 dayum that azz

Heroplayer 2 weeks ago

Yeah... before 2019 is over. Totally.

Emilio Pena 2 weeks ago

Where is Austin’s third video on this miniseries