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Published on 5 days ago

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penguinz0 4 days ago

Animation by

HentaiHistorian 21 hours ago

I miss video rental stores...

Sora NioStaur 1 day ago

this . . . was a really good video, thank you my dude

Chris Jones 2 days ago

Bro, I just pirated my shit back then

ChickenYale 2 days ago

penguinz0 leafy is back!

Tigerblake 2 days ago

penguinz0 my local blockbuster became a church. So now people prey in a rental movie store building

Captain Relay 3 days ago


katie smith 3 days ago

Haven't watched yet, came to say block buster didnt fail. It succeeded. People failed blockbuster.

never back down 3 days ago

Actually you're correct with your video, but, the nail in the coffin was absolutely red box. Red box demolished all outlets around 2010.

Excited James Aleks 3 days ago


Cody Haydu 3 days ago

Your infos wrong they closed and went bank rupt because me and me friends robbed the place for more than 10k at the age of 10 at least 10k worth of video games still in there protecting cases right in front of them it didnt stop us from using the other door to the game store next door which where connected inside using there door to leave and smashing the cases up against a rock literally a rock and broke open each visit was like a 400 dollar lose and also helped from the people that just didnt return there movies we took that shit over we hustle hard homies

Matthew Bailey 4 days ago

@David Espinoza how the fuck is it weird? It's just a simple informative video on the downfall of a movie rental company. Get your titties out of your ass

Eric Cartman 4 days ago

Fuert Neigt I know right??

Fuert Neigt 4 days ago

Can't believe this video made it to Trending, Youtube usually censors any channel that promotes common sense. Plus this channel finally hit 3 million subs, even Youtube can't hide popular hosts, they have this channel under high scrutiny looking to ban and delete it the instant they find something that doesn't promote their liberal agenda.

Eric Cartman 4 days ago

penguinz0 Animation by

bunnyblood 4 days ago

You even look like a caveman in the animation 😔

holden marksbury 8 minutes ago

they were also homophobic

sam knows 10 minutes ago

1:56 this guy looks like Jordan Peterson

Generic Jonathan 23 minutes ago

Now netflix is fuckin up

xxero 36 minutes ago

What about RedBox? I thought RedBox really lit a fire under BlockBusters ass for a long while.

Creative X 43 minutes ago

You should use this animation style more because it looks 👍

Garrett Feathers 1 hour ago

Can you make a video of you going to the last remaining blockbuster?

Parker Beck 1 hour ago

I thought you were joking about the Enron part. I can't believe that was real!

Apple Tek Support 1 hour ago

But there's one in Alaska

Ur Boy Seth 1 hour ago

I got F3AR from blockbuster, and a lot more.

Peepee Poopoo 1 hour ago

Netflix is gonna take another soldiers life. Family video

LaBelle's Workshop 1 hour ago

I loved Blockbuster for trying Xbox 360 games

NightLocket 64 2 hours ago

I want more like this

GoonaTV 2 hours ago

bro "They speed ran bankruptcy" had me dying XDDD

Keenan Wright 2 hours ago

When Netflix was a dvd delivery service me and my dad used to burn all the dvds onto blanks and now we just have a stupid large collection