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Published on 1 week ago

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John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn't, and why it's stupid to drink coffee like a cat.

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Dark Side Entertainment 35 minutes ago

Best bit

Laurie Guilbeau 38 minutes ago

Is that why a cup of coffee or tea is served with a saucer? I always wondered what the point of the saucer was. To hold a lemon slice? To catch spills? To hold your teaspoon?

Chait 1 hour ago

Jon, you're English, you have to know this mate. People always pour their tea in the saucer to cool it off. that's an English thing

Dylan Thomas 2 hours ago

Ay fug you Chasing Amy is a great movie and an important one today. She wasn't a lesbian, she wasn't sure of any of it. She just liked experimenting and loving, and society kept trying to label her and she shed all of that. It's a good message!

Eduard Braila 2 hours ago

Green new deal is restarted sooo I don’t give a shit

Alan Cobb 3 hours ago

Try passing legislation that can be supported by both parties and you have a solution. Try passing extreme legislation & you will die a slow death. What high population areas need is different than what rural America needs; find a common ground.

Dean Quinlan 6 hours ago

So basically instead of being a cooling saucer, the US senate just lets the coffee sit there until it evaporates. Well done everyone.

Garnoth123 7 hours ago

Although I love John, he REALLY needs to work on his Dutch accent.... He's doing like a Scandinavian duck with a lisp or something.

प्रियदर्शी 8 hours ago

6:20 What do you mean that isn't common? :P Every old person across Asia, from Syria to Japan, does that when they are drinking with cups with handles.

Sykersomatic 8 hours ago

...but I like Jimmy Stewart.

Tragarful Law 10 hours ago

Ted Cruz rhymes make my day🤣

Charles Hepburn II 10 hours ago

Seems to me, if I got paid to do something, and I filibustered it, I should lose that pay.... want to motivate old white dudes? Cha-Ching should do it... it always has.

Jan Berkemeier 10 hours ago

Y'know, normally I applaud John Oliver for his well-conducted research and bringing up facts few people knew about to offer a different point of view on a topic of interest, but this time it's tragically obvious that he's just talking out of his ass.

There's no caramel in a Milky Way.

mike kunnecke 11 hours ago

Actually, I do think making them Talk is better than what we have now. At least give the disfunction sound bites.

JWil42 11 hours ago

“It is more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones.”
—former president Calvin Coolidge