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The United States defeated Spain, 90-81. Donovan Mitchell led the United States with 13 points (5-10 FG, 2-3 3pt FG), while Kemba Walker added 11 points (4-7 FG), 6 rebounds and 8 assists in the victory. Marc Gasol led Spain with a game-high 19 points (3-4 3pt FG), while Ricky Rubio totaled 16 points (4-13 FG), 7 assists and 5 steals in the losing effort.

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SuperRip7 3 weeks ago

The US always win.

Ghost Diaz 4 weeks ago

Kuzma looking like a boy band member taking basketball seriously 😂😂😂

self offence_1951 4 weeks ago


Daniel Sifuentes 4 weeks ago

How many games does this team win in an 82 game season? I think they crack 50. Only other team that may crack 35 is Spain and maybe Serbia. Still will take the USA over the field in this one

Nathan Beach 4 weeks ago

This reminds me of when a much bigger high school played their freshman team against our varsity and they won

Tony Rame 1 month ago

A world team would beat this USA team easily, that is sad.

Tony Rame 1 month ago 1984 michael jordan amateur play

Jesse Shapiro 1 month ago

This USA team is almost the Celtics starting line up.

Kavalan 1 month ago

We've had the US A team, B team, and even C team at the World Cup in the past, but this team.....don't even know which alphabet we should give it, but we know for sure that it's definitely the worst team in USA basketball team history.

Rell 1 month ago

Damn USA don’t have any super stars playing this year

diego dd 1 month ago


John Paul Anthony Dela Cruz 1 month ago

What do you think about this topic? :

Does anobody notice that NBA is totally different right now? When you try to compare it with Jordan's era, Nobody can say foe sure that all of those players will survive this current generation. The gameplay, rules and basketball IQ is playing a big part in this massive change in basketball like no other old nba players have even imagined and this is justn my personal opinion. Please dont take this too seriously. 3 pt shooting skills have gained so much that it changes the games transition speed and physical and mental strategies are being discovered decade by deacade. The referies arw now very sensitive when it comes to fouling and this on both defensive and offense standpoint. In short the game has now moved into a more of a game of endurance than a game of strength. The game is so much faster and for old players to keep up, they need to learn to shoot especially 3. That is also why rest is very critical foe these new generation of players. They arw not playing the same old game anymore and they have to respect that which I believe Mr. Adam silver is noticing already. Stephen curry and the warriors just have made this seem more obvious and all the analyst I believe cant even keep up with some of their theories because this is a new game and there are still so much to learn or perhaps there arw so much to reverse back to what it has origanlly supposed to be and I think you know what I mean. From the dicision to make nba much softer, what happened is the game became more lighter and these things has affected the elements of the game significantly which I also believe they may have not saw this coming .Now we are seeing that new generation players are gettin tired faster and resting is a necessity. In all of this situation, we cannot blame them if they are not playing the same intensity all the time like what your veteran players have gone through. Bottom line. I hope NBA will take more care of their players. Whether be new rules, new schedules, new technolgies, or maybe even turning it back nearer to what it was suppossed to be like in the 90's might also be a good idea.

John Paul Anthony Dela Cruz 4 weeks ago

@Tony Rame I hope a famous nba commentator or youtuber will give more light to this. I believe the game is much more dynamic before than it is now. Most of the time I see is somewhat a fastbreak if nothing at all just shoot a three near halfcourt. It is like watching a group of players running back and forth.

Tony Rame 1 month ago

Making the game more like college, longer shot clock, better rule sets with possession arrow, 1 and 1. Would slow the game down and players would have to be better skillwise, bring back handchecking too, make the game more post oriented which also slows it down. Teams can still play fast like they did in the 80s but would be less stressful on their bodies when they want to slow the game down. Right now they cant because of the rule sets, you have to play fast all the time.

Cory Campbell 1 month ago

Team USA 🇺🇸 is the best basketball team ever Donovan Mitchell lead them to victory

Jimmy Nguyen 1 month ago

This ain’t the real USA team though right?

The Samgician 4 weeks ago

Jimmy Nguyen This is the team that they are sending. So many guys have backed out to prepare for next season.

Ryan lex 1 month ago

Usa team is so black yo. Need more diversity. Put more asian and mexican on usa nba team.