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Published on 2 weeks ago

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The Roast of Linus Sebastian, fueled by Madrinas Coffee. Introducing a limited time offer of LTT’s Exclusive Vanilla Cold Brew from Madrinas Coffee. Get yours today at and use code LINUS to get 40% off today!

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CureSafaia 2 weeks ago

That was better than I expected, I watched the whole thing, I did not intend to at first, but it was so funny

dork rider56 2 days ago

James is definitely fired

johny 3 days ago

i think i may too: P

Thomas 4 days ago

I LMAO when Linus said Yvonne, HIS won wife should Get bigger breasts. Lol, it was actually mean

Turky Master 6 days ago

Litteraly me

Alexander Prussak 1 week ago


Simon Møller Jensen 1 week ago

​+Chipie Gg Ahahaha probably :D

Chipie Gg 1 week ago

+Simon Møller Jensen im guessing he sleeps on the couch for the next month

Elmo Heyns 1 week ago

+Maciej - Its still a business you weeb. Businesses needs to make money! Do you work for a salary? you fkn shill! makes me sad

Maciej - 1 week ago

It wasn't... This is like ultimate acknowledgement that the current model of doing business on youtube is absolutely terrible and disgusting, but this is the only way that works, so we can just crank up the shill machine to the full blast. It just makes me sad...

Elmo Heyns 2 weeks ago


Maybe Ok 2 weeks ago

Im enjoyed seeing Linus gets roasted by his employees and his fellow mate for half an hour lol

Diego Spinola 2 weeks ago

same here

Kleinkind 2 weeks ago

Same here

august lavdal 2 weeks ago

+kuyan's I also plan getting a pc, but i think i will get a monitor before the pc. Just because pc are kind of expensive and there is a lot out there for building them.

august lavdal 2 weeks ago

+kuyan's I know, but it has DyAc™ tec and the well known Black eQualizer to help your gaming experience. It also has 20 levels of Color Vibrance settings. So it's so good that pros use it. I am just wondering if having 240 fps on a 60 fps xbox will lag the game or something. Cus if so that's pretty bad, right?

joshua lotion 46 minutes ago

Why is Taran and brandon not up there? They are like the OG dude? Instead they have James there??WTF! Taran looks so disappointed in the crowd

joshua lotion 1 hour ago

holy shit kyle is savage as fuck

lolitsalex 2 hours ago

This was very awkward.

Zach Meyers 4 hours ago

1:21:08 the pewdiepie handshake

Gare 5 hours ago

Saw the original on Floatplane. Still amazing. Absolutely fantastic.

Paul David Lape 14 hours ago

I honestly thought Linus was going to cry mid Yvonne's bit.

Ondra Javořík 14 hours ago

Imagine Nicky V being there.

Eginhardt Schmitz 15 hours ago

Dangerously self aware

Nick L 16 hours ago

Riley crushed it, omg lol

aelmarrio91 1 day ago

Riley did what I'd do with Dennis, pamper the lad

Suiting Locket 1 day ago

I feel for that guy 6:53

meatloaf666999 1 day ago

Yvonne killed it!

meatloaf666999 1 day ago

It was funny but I didn't laugh till the Linus getting pegged bit. lolol

Aviral Patel 1 day ago

but where is alex?