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The barone meets his daughter.
La figliastra: Storia di corna e di passioni is a 1976 commedia sexy allitaliana film directed by Edoardo Mulargia. It features Bruno Scipioni with Austrian sexploitation star Sonja Jeannine.

In France, the film was released in an adult version with added hardcore scenes and under the title Veuves excitées.
The wife of the Sicilian barone Francesco Cocò Laganà (Bruno Scipioni) dies of heart failure while having sex with the lecherous gardener Fefè (Nino Terzo). Cocò marries a Northerner widow named Nadia (Maristella Greco), her beautiful teenage daughter Daniela (Sonja Jeannine) later moving to her stepfathers house. Both Cocò and Fefè (who is now married to Cocòs nymphomaniac sister Agata (Lucrezia Love)) make sexual advances to Daniela but to no avail. Meanwhile Cocòs heirship to a large inheritance is in jeopardy because his late wife did not beget him a child and Nadia cannot get pregnant, the Sicilian customary law barring a man without offspring from heirship.



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